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Khloe Kardashian Breaks Down After Tristan’s Cheat!ng Scandal

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Khloe Kardashian Breaks Down After Tristan’s Cheat!ng Scandal
Khloe Kardashian is reportedly “distraught” and in “complete disbelief” after her boyfriend & baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, was caught Cheat!ng on her with two different women this week.
“She’s distraught,” the source told the news publication. “Her entire world has been turned upside down. She cried hysterically all night. She begged to come back to L.A. and tried to find any way to make it work but her doctor wouldn’t let her. She just wants to be with her family and leave as soon as possible. Kris is there and completely supporting her.”
“She will obviously never be able to trust Tristan again or look at him the same way,” the source added. “Her world is shattered. She is in complete disbelief that this is happening. The family absolutely believes it’s in Khloe’s best interest to end the relationship but will support her either way.”
Khloe is currently staying at Tristan’s house in Cleveland, and was doing so in hopes to avoid any scandal like this and be closer to him.
“Khloe moved her life to Cleveland for Tristan and made sure he was a priority so something like this wouldn’t happen,” the source continued. “She feels defeated and betrayed. Kris has been there to help calm her. They are all really worried, and all of the sisters are dropping everything to be with her. They all keep reassuring her that everything will be OK and to stay calm for the baby.”
“At this point in time, Khloe doesn’t want to speak with Tristan,” the source said. “And the family is keeping them apart until she goes into labor,” which could be sooner than expected now.
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